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Take Your Pet To Work!

Pets in the workplace: health and safety tips

While having pets at work is a lot of fun and provides employees with great company throughout the day, it’s very important to keep the pets’ health and safety in mind at all times.

Pets can be treated and cared for as employees, so they are taken into consideration in all office policies and procedures – from company picnics to fire drills. Read some health and safety tips below when considering your own pet-friendly workplace.

Pet safety in the workplace

One of the first things to consider is how pets will be safe and secure in the office. Will you provide baby gates for cubicles? Tethers at every desk? Crates? It’s important that pet owners take responsibility for the safety of their pet and not allow them to be unsecured and unsupervised at their desk. Dr. Kerri Marshall, Trupanion’s Chief Veterinary Officer, has personally treated many fractures, concussions, and other injuries from pets inadvertently falling off counters, chairs, couches, etc. Their bones are fine and cannot take much impact and you never know what may interest or startle them.

It may also be beneficial to host quarterly meetings for the entire office to remind pet owners of safety procedures and address any concerns. During these meetings, Trupanion brings in a certified animal trainer to offer up-to-date advice on keeping pets safe and well-behaved during the work day.

Education is key for keeping pets safe and happy!

Pet health in the workplace

As you add more pets to the office, you have more chance for health issues to be spread. Your pet policy should include specific steps pet owners should take to keep their pets healthy. For example, a few of Trupanion’s regulations are as follows:

  • All pets must be current on vaccinations, including:

For dogs: DDHP, Rabies, Bordetella

For cats: FVRCP, Rabies

All pet must be current on flea prevention treatment

Sick or recuperating pets must stay at home

It’s also important to verify that all pets are potty trained, but also have a way for pet owners to thoroughly clean up accidents their pets may have.

With a few tips we can safely enjoy our pets at work and at home!

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